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"Alternatively" vs. "Instead" and "on the other hand"
Sentence connectors

Purpose: The following exercise gives you practice in distinguishing between the sentence connectors "alternatively", "instead" and "on the other hand".

Pre-exercise Reading: Read and become familiar with the different meanings and uses of "alternatively", "instead" (both replacive connectors) and "on the other hand" (an adversative connector) before attempting this exercise.

Instructions: In this exercise, you will be presented with example texts that lack a sentence connector. From the pull-down select box, choose either "alternatively", "On the other hand" or "Instead", and then press the "CHECK" button to receive feedback on your choice.

Please note that you can also click on the icon in the left-hand corner at any time during the exercise to send an automated email message with comments, questions or problems to your teacher.

Estimated time: 25 minutes.

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